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Register a Trademark

Only $299 + Filing Fee*

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Protect Your Business Name With a Trademark

Protecting your trademark can really pay dividends. Not only is it a valuable property asset, but it’s also your brand, your reputation. The reputation you have established is associated with these different brand elements - your name, logo, and tagline - and the reason why people buy from you.

It’s important to take steps to protect these company assets. Our partnered attorneys will do the research to make sure the mark isn't already taken, ensure the filing gets accepted by the government office, and provide sound legal advice throughout the entire process.

What’s included in the package?

What’s included in the package?

  • Legal counsel from an experienced trademark attorney

  • A thorough search of existing trademarks

  • The preparing and filing of a trademark application

Register a Trademark


+ Filing Fee*


Trademark Searches & REGISTRATION:

How it works

Tell us what you need

A trademark attorney will follow up with you to get a better understanding of your needs and provide guidance on how the process works.

We get to work

The trademark attorney will conduct a trademark search to ensure the availability, then provide the search results along with a plan of action.

We will file your trademark with the Patent and Trademark office

The attorney will file the trademark with the US Patent and Trademark office and deliver the approved trademark documentation.

Common Questions about Registering a Trademark


How broad is my trademark protection?

This includes filing the trademark in one series and one class. Additional legal fees and filing fees will apply if you decide to file a trademark in more than one class.


Can I cancel my order?

You will be contacted within 5 business days by our agents. You can request a refund before this contact, or before substantive work on your application has begun, whichever is later.


How long will it take for my trademark to be filed?

The preparation and filing of a Trademark Application take anywhere from 3-7 days once all information, logos, and specimens are received by our agents and you sign off on the application. In some instances, the process may take longer given the complexity of the mark.


What level of support can I expect through this process?

Once you have submitted your business name or logo, an attorney will conduct the initial search and discuss the results via email or phone. The attorney will then prepare the filing application and submit to the United States Patent and Trademark Office. You will be able to track the approval status and contact us with any questions you may have while awaiting for the approval.


How long will the Trademark process take?

The Trademark approval times can vary based on a variety of factors. The USPTO is likely to respond in 7 - 8 months from the filing of the application. Despite the delayed approval time, you will be able to monitor the status of the trademark online as it's going through the approval process.

Protect your name logo, with a U.S. trademark registration

Only $199 + Filing Fee*

*For new trademark applications, Bizee charges a flat “Filing Fee” of $350 per class in addition to other fees. Government filing fees for filing a trademark application range from $250 to $350 per class. The $250 application type requires more precision and effort than the $350 application type, so in situations where your attorney uses the $250 application type, the remaining $100 is used to cover the additional labor for that application type.