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Welcome to Bizee — the same Incfile
that’s been tried and trusted by over
a million businesses to date.

Every business evolves — and ours is no exception. After 20 years in
business, we’re reintroducing ourselves with a fresh, new name.

Though our name has changed, we still have the same:


(Who are Founders Themselves)

Operating Team

Commitments & Philosophies

Diehard Belief in Business Without Barriers

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FAQs about Bizee & IncFile


Why is Incfile rebranding to Bizee?

For nearly two decades, Incfile has been all about efficient business formations and compliance services. We know the hustle; we live it as entrepreneurs. We also recognize the power of solid partnerships and data-driven decisions.

Now, with Bizee, we're not just acknowledging your relentless efforts and the sometimes tough choices you face every day; we're actively supporting them. We're with you every step of the way, offering data-driven products and content that empower your business to thrive and grow.

By leveraging this data, we're shaping our products and services to cater to your unique needs, helping you navigate the unseen hard work that fuels your business. This rebrand is our unwavering commitment to stand by your side and help you define your own success.

We believe that choosing Bizee is a choice to work smarter, not just harder—if you’re looking for a smarter way to hustle, Just Get Bizee.


What happened to

Incfile has transformed into the engine that powers Bizee. All the formation and compliance products, orders, and expertise are still here. Our leadership and teams are still dedicated to serving you. We're now focused on providing you with an even better and more comprehensive service through


What happens to my account and data?

The good news is that your account has no changes, and your data remains unchanged. All your orders, documents, and data that were associated with Incfile still exist. Incfile has simply undergone a rebrand to Bizee. 

Simply log in to your dashboard as you always would to see your business's information.


What happens to my documents?

Everything you had with Incfile is still accessible under our new name, Bizee. There are no changes to your important records or files.  You can log in to your Bizee Dashboard the same way you always have.


How do I access my client dashboard now?

We’ve made this transition seamless for you.  You can use the same login and password that you used for Incfile to log in to your Bizee dashboard.


Will I still get my compliance alerts?

Absolutely, your compliance alerts and services are unaffected by our rebrand to Bizee. You can continue to rely on us to keep you informed and up to date. It's the same great service under a new name.


Will there be any changes to pricing or subscription plans?

Your services and subscriptions stay just as they were. The transition from Incfile to Bizee doesn't impact the services you've signed up for or your subscription. It's all business as usual, with the same level of support and commitment you've come to expect from us. Your entrepreneurial journey continues uninterrupted.


I placed my order with Incfile recently and it has not been processed yet.  What’s next?

Your order will be processed as usual, and all updates and information will now come through Bizee.  You can also check the status of your order by simply signing on to the Bizee Dashboard.


Can customers expect continued customer support and assistance during the transition?

Absolutely. We're committed to providing the same high level of customer support and assistance you've always enjoyed. If you have additional questions please reach out at any time! Customer Service

What's to come

Tomorrow and beyond?

Our roadmap is ambitious.

(As fellow business owners, we know yours is, too)

We’ve got more features and entrepreneur-first add-ons planned. But, the passion that started this company will never change.

We’re excited for what’s ahead!

Contact Bizee

Bizee's entire customer support team is fluent in both English and Spanish.