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Want to learn more About Corporations in Your State?

With different rules and regulations for incorporation in every state, starting a business can be a pretty confusing process. That’s why we’ve organized all corporation requirements by state in one handy place — right here!

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Which State Should You Choose?

Remember, you don't necessarily need to form your corporation in the same state you live in. Some states, such as Wyoming, Nevada and Delaware, are known for having such business-friendly rules and cheap filing fees that a lot of out-of-state entrepreneurs choose to file their corporations there.

Explore the resources below to learn more about the state-by-state specifics of forming a corporation.

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Additional Corporation Resources

Want to learn even more about forming a corporation in your state? Check out these handy resources from Bizee:

Frequently Asked Questions About Corporations


Which State Has the Most Corporation-Friendly Requirements?

No, we do not recommend using your Arizona Virtual Address as your Registered Agent address. Your AZ Registered Agent should have a local street address where they can receive all legal correspondence. If you need a Registered Agent in Arizona, check out our RA service.


Which State is Best for Registering a Corporation?

The overall winner in terms of both up-front and ongoing costs is Montana, and that's true for residents and "foreign" entrepreneurs alike. Just remember that the best state to form your Corporation ultimately comes down to your individual preferences and goals.


Does Every State Recognize Corporations?

Yes, every state in the United States recognizes Corporations and requires business owners to file official paperwork with their state's government in order to form one.

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