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Need to Change Your Registered Agent?

Changing Your Registered Agent Is Easier, Simpler, and Quicker with Bizee

Sometimes circumstances arise that require a Registered Agent change. Let Bizee save you time and handle the paperwork.

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New era of privacyWhy change your Registered agent service Provider to bizee?

Only $119 Annually (Less Than Other Providers)

Efficient, low-cost Registered Agent service for only $119 annually. No sneaky yearly subscriptions or hidden fees.

Expert Handling of All of Your Documents

Always-available Registered Agents ready to receive state and IRS mail correspondence, documents, and legal proceedings on your business’s behalf.

Automatic Mail Forwarding

Get all your legal correspondence, documentation and information digitally uploaded to your dashboard and automatically forwarded on to you.

Tailored SMS and Email Notifications

Stay informed with email and text notifications when we receive documents for your business. Access, store, and retrieve information within your dashboard anytime.

Common Questions About Filing a Change of Registered Agent


How Much Does It Cost to File a Change of Agent?

Our service fee to change the agent is $49. You'll also need to pay the state fee, which varies based on where your business was formed.To review the fee in your state click on the “order now” button and select the state and entity type.


Are There Any Hidden Costs?

No! We pride ourselves on transparency. There are absolutely no hidden costs associated with you changing your Registered Agent.


Are There Specific Rules for My State?

You’ll always need to fill out a “Change of Registered Agent” form, but the processing fee and the information needed varies by state - which is why it pays to work with Bizee. Check out everything you need to know about Registered Agents and make sure to explore your state’s specific information.


How Long Does it Take to File for a Change of Agent?

In some states, you can complete it in as little as an hour.


Do I Need to Explain Why I Am Changing Registered Agents?

No. Most states just require the name of the business entity, the current registered agent name and address, the name and address of the new Registered Agent, and the name and information of the authorized person filling out the form on behalf of the entity.


Are There Any Guides or Resources for Getting Started?

Discover everything you need to know about; what Registered Agents do and Bizee’s Registered Agent Service. Check out all of our other resources related to Registered Agents and learn all about what types of entities Bizee can be a Registered Agent for.

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businesses love BIZEE?

Dreana A.

Bizee is the best! Professional & always available to answer all my questions. I'm so grateful.


Scott B

Bizee has been great to work with. Their prices are reasonable and they exceed expectations


Adam S.

Easy, smooth, one of the best business decisions I’ve ever made, was to utilize Bizee


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